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Date added: 05/27/2018 Side Note:
Just a little side note.  Some of you may know that I went back to work full time in November.  This has made it hard for me to put out New Designs.  However, I do plan on keeping the Website and my Etsy Shop up and running.  I will release new designs when I'm able.  I do miss being creative but I also had to take a little break after 12 years.  


I also plan on moving a lot of these designs over to my Etsy Shop.  The software on our current site is in need of a major upgrade and I'm having a hard time finding the time to work on this project.  It would basically be a total rebuild at this point.  Not to mention it will knock out any modifications that we have had installed.  We will see how far I can get over the next few months.  I'll mostly be working on it during the weekends.


With that being said, please make sure that you download and backup all your files that you have purchased.  I've already had issues with the site twice, not being able to access it because we are getting tons of spam through the contact pages, etc.  Just make sure that you have a back up plan.  We are not responsible for files if you're not saving them properly on your computer.  Carbonite is a great way to backup your files.  There are a lot of other options out there as well.

Thank you,
Date added: 09/01/2013 Effective September 1st - Moving to a 1-Zip Download


Effective September 1st, I’ll be going back to a 1-Zip download. It will still include all of the formats in "separate folders", so you can delete what you won’t use easily. The current formats per link is just too time consuming for me to continue. I spend way to much time linking formats so I have decided to go back to a one zip download.

I realize this will look kinda goofy when you order a mix of older and new releases but after a lot of thought this is what I really need to do.

Thanks so much for your understanding.


Date added: 06/01/2013 Give Away Winners




Date added: 10/05/2012 Rewards Points

Effective October 5th 2012, Katelyn's Kreative Stitches  is now offering our customers  a "Rewards Points" program.

Click here for more detail:



Date added: 07/12/2012 New Website Launched

Our newly designed website was launched today, July 7th, 2012.  Yippee!

If you have any orders from the previous website that you would like to have re-activated on this new website, please e-mail me your order number and I will gladly reset them through admin.  Everything on the New Website/Host had to be relinked.  The links on the New Website will not expire however, you only have 10 attempts to download them.  After 10 tries you'll need to contact me to have them reset back to 10.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much,

Date added: 07/01/2012 Reviews and Comments Moved

Our Reviews and Comments from the previous website were moved over to New Website today.  Each of these reviews/comments will show a entry date of 7/1/2012.

Thanks so much.



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